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Lately, the hashtag #FictionalDeathsIWillNeverGetOver has been trending on Twitter. As soon as I saw that, I immediately thought of characters—whose deaths I will never get over. I could not let it pass and so I must tell you all about the imaginary deaths which shall haunt me forever. These were the first three who popped into my head and so have the honor of being in the first post.

Matthew Crawley


Okay, if you watch Downton Abbey or live with someone who does, I’m sure you heard of this one. At the season finale, Matthew has just held his newborn son for the first time and is driving home from the hospital when he gets into a car wreck and is killed instantly. There wasn’t even a proper death scene, it was just “WHAM! BOOM! Oops. Sorry, man. You’re dead.” After I saw that, I could hardly believe it. And I’m so mad at the actor for skipping the show and going to Broadway and I’m so mad at Julian Fellows for letting him!

Sam Cortland

The Assassin and the Empire (Throne of Glass, #0.4)

This character may not be as widely known as the other two, but I cared deeply about him. Sam was the first love of Celaena Sardothien, the heroine of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (my review). Though he’s already dead a year by the time Throne of Glass takes place, he is present in three of the four prequel novellas and we get to see what a deep and passionate love he and Celaena shared. After I read the final novella, I went into a semi-catatonic state and my family had no idea why I was so upset. When I told my father that the love of the main character had been gruesomely tortured to death, he offered the following fatherly comfort: “Ah, but just wait for the next book when she (Celaena) will get to torture the guy who did it to death.” I’m so upset about what happened, I’ve kind of hoped that will happen. Not nice of me, I know. But I’m EXTREMELY upset about Sam dying!

Finnick Odair


Anyone who has read The Hunger Games Trilogy knows this one. Even though my brother spoiled it and told me that Finnick dies, I was stunned over how it happened. Personally, I think that Suzanne Collins went on a rampage and vented her inner psychopath by murdering as many of her characters as possible. Worst of all, Finnick’s death served absolutely no purpose. What did it add to the story? Nothing. His death was pointless. I say we start a petition to have them change that in the movie. If they do, I promise to take back all those mean things I’ve said about Katniss. Word of Honor.

When I thought about it, I realized that Matthew, Finnick, and Sam have a few things in common: all of them have a significant other with whom they are deeply in love, all of them were young, two of them were warriors, and two of them have sons and wives. That and I knew ahead of time that each of them was going to die, but that clearly didn’t stop me from being devastated afterwards.

What fictional deaths will you never get over?

To be continued…