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5 out of 5 stars

The next person who says books can’t hurt you emotionally will be slapped with this novella. There was one point where I had to put down my Kindle because I was getting so tense and anxious that I couldn’t take it anymore. Then when I started reading again, my heart was literally racing with terror.

This novella must be good and I have decided to bestow it with five stars because it got me all tangled up and worried and nervous and angry and generally neurotic. Within the first few pages I was invested in the story.

The story itself was rather short, but still managed to break me and I find myself maliciously wishing for some diabolical and distinctly unpleasant fate to befall all but three of the characters. I am looking forward to the novel, but hope those characters’ tales take a happier twist than what happened here.

My only complaint would probably be that there was a supporting character who plays a significant role and I wish he had been introduced or at least hinted at sooner. His emergence just felt kind of sudden and I think that could have been handled more smoothly.

All in all, another book to add to my list of novellas that broke my heart in under 100 pages. I recommend it to fans of YA fantasy who don’t mind a sad, open ended read.

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