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Bringing you a selection of emotional, often dark, rhyming verse – seventeen poems have been chosen from the many this fantasy-loving author has written over the years, to deliver a pocket-sized introduction to her imagination.

From the heartfelt honesty of ‘A Prayer for my Children’, to the meandering tale of a lost king in ‘The Soul Bearer’, this is a little parcel of rhyme that offers a thought-provoking treat or two.

Blurb and cover from Goodreads

5 out of 5 stars
I’ve been following this author on Facebook for some time and was an automatic fan as she shares my penchant for Epic Fantasy and elves and dwarves and mages, etc. One of my favorite things about this collection was the author’s use of medieval and fantasy settings for some of her poems. That was one of the parts I appreciated the most, though there is so much more to be praised.

This is a compilation of poems ranging from romantic, to creepy, to tragic, to eerie. The author has a great grasp of rhyming and putting words to ideas and I enjoyed this collection immensely. I don’t normally read or recommend poetry, but this short series of pieces was highly entertaining and I laud the author on her fantastic work!

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