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When “someday” rolls around, we will have time to read all the books and volunteer at all the places while it will be easy to cope with jerks in the checkout line and our dogs won’t leave us presents in random places around the house. Our spiritual lives will be neatly sorted and perfect. We’ll work out enough that we can subsist off chocolate while having killer abs and be able to quit the daily grind, so on and so forth.

Some people expect “someday” to be at graduation, when they land the dream job, start a family, move, retire, or any other milestone. But it doesn’t work like that.https://elisabethwheatley.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/a72de-beautifulbutterfly2.gif

If you stand around waiting for “someday,” you’ll miss all the stuff that could happen right now. The truth is, things are never going to be perfect. No matter how good your life gets, there will always be snags and complications and inconveniences, but it’s okay.

Because I am me, I can’t help but think literature offers the best example of this concept. Harry was being hunted by Voldemort for literally his entire time at Hogwarts, but that didn’t stop him from having the time of his life. The Pevensie siblings were thrust into a civil war involving a psychotic witch with a penchant for geomancy, but they had an adventure like no other. Éowyn was literally trying to commit suicide after Aragorn rejected her, but she ended up meeting the love of her life. Eragon was fighting an all-powerful despot and lost everything, but during that time, he also gained a host of dear friends.

The point is, you don’t need to wait for “someday.” There are going to be bumps and potholes along the road, but it’s possible to enjoy life in the here and now. In short, work hard for the future, but remember that you can only live in the present.