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Achan steps into his role as Crown Prince and prepares for war. But war against whom? Could Esek still be alive? Has Lord Nathak taken Esek’s place? Or is the mysterious Hadad the true enemy Achan must confront?

Vrell has her own agenda of serving Prince Oren as a healer, but when she is stormed and lost to the Veil, Achan does all he can to bring her back. His conversations with her are strange, though, as if she has no memory of who he is.

In a land consumed by Darkness, the fate of Er’Rets hangs in the balance as Achan endeavors to take the throne and end the reign of Darkness.

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5 out of 5 stars

I love this series. I love this series SO FREAKING MUCH. Original, imaginative, inspiring, thrilling, enchanting, addictive—just a few adjectives to describe it. I am so sad to see the series end, but what an ending that was! I cannot remember the last time I binge read through a whole series beginning to end without reading anything else in between. I’m actually not sure it has happened before. This series consumed my literary adventures until the moment I ran out of trilogy.

As a Christian lover of Epic Fantasy, I cannot express all the ways and reasons I adore this series. For me, it was just perfect—perfect. Exactly what I have been needing lately and I’m dead serious when I say that every chance I get I shall be shoving this in people’s faces with all due fangirling and enthusiasm.

The plot:

It seems cliché to call the plot “fast” and I’ve said it before about the earlier books. It was certainly intense and never stayed in one place for very long. I admit I had a few of those “not enough book left for everything I want to happen” moments, but everything was okay in the end. There were some sad things, but everything was okay.

There were plot twists I did not see coming (another awesome point), what I considered to be highly realistic portrayals of individuals’ moral and spiritual struggles, and a good dose of action. In a word: awesome.

The characters:

Achan’s character arc is probably my favorite one in recent memory. In many ways, it’s not apparently obvious in the beginning just how much development he needs. (One of many parts I thought realistic.) He’s not a “bad” person in the beginning, but he comes to see over the course of the story that he can’t be truly “good” on his own, either. I loved that theme examining universally corrupt nature and Achan’s worries that he’ll repeat his father’s sins were a wonderful element as well.

As the blurb says, Vrell loses her memory in this one and can’t remember Achan or even guising herself as a boy for months. When that happened, it was a bit of a shock to realize how much character development she’d had when it was suddenly gone. Good grief. But I did like how her arc turned out as well, with her finally swallowing her pride and being honest and I LOVE THE ENDING SO MUCH I better stop there.

A wonderful series that I’m sorry to see end. I caught wind of the author writing another Achan and Vrell story, so I will be watching for that. I especially recommend this to Christians who don’t like Christian Fantasy (like me). Let this prove to you that religious fiction can be awesome, not preachy or boring or sermon-ish. Read it and then we can gush over it together!

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