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Shields left unattended by the Nordic invaders.

Greeting, my lovelies!

As some of you may remember, I have been on vacation since school let out and since it’s wrapping up, I thought I should tell you guys how it went.

These past few weeks have been full of fun conversations with my grandparents and I’ve heard lots of stories that are new to me. Learning to cook traditional Japanese and new Kanji from Mema has been fantastic. Meanwhile, war stories from Grandpa have made an interesting chapter all their own. There was a Viking Fest (where I went to claim the head of a Norseman, but settled for t-shirts), gardening (which taught me how goddamn evil blackberry vines are), cooking of steaks (which is nothing new), and one week-long bronchial infection (which made me think I was dying).


It is mine. MINE AT LAST.

One of the most notable things to happen is I have FINALLY obtained A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I have been lusting after this since hearing it would be released and am now saving it for the flight home. This precious was acquired during a lovely weekend in Victoria, Canada about two weeks ago. There, a clerk saw me cradling ACOTAR like my firstborn child and struck up a conversation. It turns out Canadian bookstore employees have wonderful tastes.

Stateside, I have loitered on multiple occasions in Liberty Bay Bookstore in my grandparents’ hometown—where dwells another clerk with excellent tastes. (After talking to me, she actually went and wrote a shopping list of fairytale retellings that I’ve “got to” check out. I love this place, though it might make me poor.)

Me going all Cleopatra on the couch where I finished DA5.

Me with a cup of Jasmine Green on the couch where I finished DA5.

I have also finished drafting the Daindreth’s Assassin series. Yes, you read that right. I now have the manuscripts for all five anticipated books in the series, for a total of just over 1,005,000 words. I honestly don’t know how I feel about that, but this means lots of editing and also a return to work on the Argetallam Saga. I’m psyched to be returning to Janir and the Argetallams and will hopefully be working on books 6 and 7 in that series over the rest of the summer.

Now I’m just catching up with my Kindle before I head home tomorrow. Lots of books to read before then!