With Christmas upon us in a matter of days, you’re probably hard pressed to find some epic vacation destination for the family. Yes? Well, never fear. Here are the top five yuletide (or any time) tourist attractions for children ages one to ninety-two.


Here we have somewhere Father Christmas visits in person. None of this outsourcing to parents and family members. You can dance the Christmas Eve away with the fauns before dashing through the snow with talking reindeer on Christmas Day—what’s not to love?

The Shire

Three words—hobbit snowball fights. And can you imagine what kind of feasts there are? That rivals Thanksgiving, let me tell you! (Maybe we can even get Gandalf to wear a red suit for the occasion.)


Just kidding, I wanted to see that look on your face.


The very best time of year to visit! And very safe since the demise of You-Know-Who. With the students out for vacation along with most the staff, a stay in the dorms, chat with the painting people, and enjoy spectacular service provided by the otherwise bored house elves.

City of Crowns

Though technically a celebration of midwinter, if you’re not worried about being family-friendly, you can go to what is essentially a two-week Mardi Gras in this bustling metropolis. (But if anyone, and I mean anyone with a mask turns up, you better turn around and run.)

Wherever you spend your Christmas, I wish you a happy one filled with pumpkin pie, evergreen boughs, and so much laughter your sides hurt until next year.