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Last Monday, I was cruising Facebook (yes, yes, I was wasting time, don’t judge) and I found a post saying that Sarah J. Maas was coming to Austin on Saturday.

After a period of hyperventilation, squeeing, jumping in my chair, and jumping around the room, I went and told everyone I knew, cleared my calender, and grabbed my set of the Throne of Glass books…


My preciouses

…and I told my family in no uncertain terms where I was going to be. On Saturday, my brother was sick, so he couldn’t come. But I went and bought him a set so he could have his own.

The archduchess herself, placing her glorious signature upon the title pages of my brother’s copies.

And would you like to know who took the above image? The utterly epic Hannah, who you all know better as Eli Hinze and I met up with in line to purchase my brother’s copies! We talked and talked about mythology, Throne of Glass, the creepiness of Ancient World leaders, and basically had a blast.

Photographic evidence.

In short, I got to hang out with a great friend, meet one of my idols, and now have three more epic books to add to my Shelf of Signed.


I still can’t believe it.


Can’t freaking believe it.


When the fourth book releases in a year, I mean to get it plus a copy of The Assassin’s Blade and hunt her down at an event so she can sign those, too.

(On a minor note, I still ship Chaolaena, Hannah ships Chaolaena, my brother ships Chaolaena. CHAOLAENA FOREVER!!! ❤ )