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This summer has been consumed with creative expansion (watching Merlin), social networking (wasting time on the internet), mind feeding (pretending to study), and writing/editing (staring at the screen for hours on end and occasionally typing). It has been hectic to say the least.


Especially when you throw in this whole divorce debacle and the stuff that comes with it. (Adult children aren’t supposed to get caught up in this thing, but because I’ve been live in nanny for two years, that sort of happens by default.)

Despite all that, I have completed the bajillionth round of edits on the Daindreth’s Assassin book. Remember Daindreth’s Assassin? The one I was supposed to finish editing over the summer before I started on Argetallam six? More than a year since I first started writing it, the story is off to my first beta reader. I am left with the first 1,500 words of Argetallam six and the first 105,000 words of the third book in the Daindreth’s Assassin series.


Right now the statistics of my thought processes are something like this:

7% Merlin

30% Worrying about family

5% Random internet memes and fandom references

1% Origins of the universe

50% Daindreth’s Assassin

7% Guilt over books I haven’t read

That last part brings me to the apology portion of this post—the lack of reviews for the past two weeks. There are no reviews because, well, I haven’t been reading. :O I’ve been devoting my spare time to either watching Merlin with my brother or writing. Plus, I really just haven’t found a story that I wanted to finish lately, I’m in another one of those slumps.


I have one or two reviews that I haven’t yet posted which should be appearing soon, but I may fall behind more on my reading challenge and on my weekly reviews.

Of course, if I just cut back on the internet, things could work out…

Bear with me! Things might be getting worse as I start taking four different college classes this upcoming semester, but I just ask that you be patient with little me and keep in mind that I have not forgotten about you guys or my writing.