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I have fifty one weeks of teenager-dom left. This has caused no small amount of panic. After about age eleven, I was one of the few kids who expressly told my parents I didn’t want to grow up. In fact, I would cry about it, lamenting my inevitable march into adulthood. Most girls were sobbing over boys, I was sobbing over growing up.

The problem is this—I still don’t want to grow up. I’m too smart to want to grow up. Growing up comes with bills and 9-5’s and insurance payments and credit cards and—ugh! Too much.


Perhaps the thing that scares me most about no longer being a teenager is that I’ll no longer be the same age as my favorite protagonists in YA novels. I know I can still read them, you can be bloody sure I’ll still read them, but nineteen is more or less the cut off point for YA.

I have basically no interest in New Adult and positively no interest in Adult. Why? I find NA and Adult literature boring. Unless it’s a swords and sorcery epic or written by a dead Englishman/woman or Greek, I probably won’t read it. I just don’t generally get along with MC’s in Adult. Some people are prejudiced against YA, I make up for that with my heartless bigotry toward Adult. (For the most part, there are some rare exceptions.)

This also means that in fifty one weeks I’ll no longer be a “teenage author.” I’ll be a “twenty-something author.” In the grand scheme of things, that’s not so bad, but the point is—I won’t be a teenager! Not to mention I’ll have to revise all my bios, including the one for this blog…

All the same, 2015’s got some exciting stuff coming. I’m working on lots of new books for you lot, not to mention I’ll hopefully be pursuing Creative Writing at a college level. (Wish me luck!)


Most of you will probably say nineteen is way too young to be lamenting the passage of time, but here’s the thing about time—it flies faster the older you get. But still, you’re right that I have no right to complain. After all, no matter what age you are, it’s like that saying—getting older is the worst thing in the world except the alternative.

All the same, if Peter Pan wants to drop by, that would be awesome.