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Let’s talk about bromance. A bromance is a colloquial word used to describe a strong friendship between two men in a brotherly relationship. (It is referencing a purely fraternal bond, not a romantic one.) Though the term is relatively new, it could be argued that this particular literary device itself dates back to antiquity.

The Greeks had them, the Romans were huge fans. Friendship between men as the driving force behind a story were not uncommon at all.

I love me a bromance. Just something about two guys with a brotherly bond strong enough that they would die for one another touches the heartstrings. Though romantic relationships tend to be considered the ultimate embodiment of love, I think that’s not fair to parental relationships, sibling relationships, and friendships.

As I said, I appreciate a good bromance, but looking at my favorite books, I realized that…well, only one or two series have them. (My favorite movie on the other hand has about five going on, so maybe that makes up for it.)

Ron Weasley and Harry Potter are one of my favorite bromances along with the Winchesters and Castiel of Supernatural. There’s all the complexities and nuances of close interpersonal relationship without the BS that comes with romance. They tease each other, they play pranks on each other, they fight for each other, and they’re willing to die for each other (which the Supernatural boys plainly demonstrate about once a season).

I think writers would do well to add in more bromances. Personally, I’ve kind of had them in my published works (Armandius and Velaskas of Argetallam Saga could maybe qualify. As well as Karile and Saoven in later books). But haven’t really tackled them the way I am in this WIP for summer 2015 (yes, I’m talking about the assassin one again—here’s that Pinterest board for like the umpteenth time).

Anyone else here like a bromance? Have a favorite?