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I look forward to this year’s book releases with rapt anticipation. It promises to be full of assassins, romance, adventure, magic, and awesomeness!

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3) by Sarah J. Maas


The previous book in this series…if I start talking about it, we’ll end up with a massive, tear-infused rant and we can’t have that. But I have to read this one. I have to. (Chaolaena forever!)

Ferran’s Map (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, #4) By T.L. Shreffler

I want this book so freaking bad it’s not even funny. I LOVE the series with a fanatic passion and NEED the thing. (On a side note: I have shipped Sora/Crash since they met and that will never change.)

Gathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms, #3) by Morgan Rhodes


I’ve read the first book in this series and mean to order the second one. I have high hopes for the further installments of this series and look forward to getting my hands on Falling Kingdoms’ sequels.

Windswept (Moonlit, #2) by Jadie Jones

Holy crap, talk about emotional involvement in this book’s predecessor. Moonlit had ageless love, horses, a prize villain, and just…pure awesome.

Final Advent (No Angels, #3) by Eli Hinze

This is the final book in the trilogy and it promises to be epic!

World of the Beasts (The Witches’ Sleep, #2) by Kaitlyn Deann


This book was actually on last year’s list of releases I couldn’t wait for. The first was great, but the author has put off the second’s release. Again. *shoots accusatory glare in general direction of Miss Deann*

Sunbolt 2 (The Sunbolt Chronicles, #2) by Intisar Khanani

I did some beta reading for this one and I can tell it is going to be one firestorm of a piece! You will certainly be getting a lot of fangirling come the release. (Title currently undecided.)

Fire Soul (Tortured Elements, #2) by Olivia Rivers

Frost Fire ended in a bloody cliffhanger. But I loved Drake to bits and I want, want, want to know what happens to the poor baby.

Born of the Blood (The Night Gives Up Its Secrets, #3) by Mary Eason

Another book that was also on last year’s list. Hopefully the release won’t get postponed again, because I really want it!

Broken (Shadowlight Saga, #2) by Mande Matthews


This series is incredible—Norse mythology retellings infused with warrior girls, magic, dark lords, honor, precious characters…HAND IT OVER!!!

Hopefully I’ll find that each of these will exceed their predecessors in incredibleness. (Though that might be asking a bit too much.) I am very excited to read each of them and there better not be any more postponed releases!