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Hey! I just thought I should explain my recent failure to post. I have not fallen through the rabbit hole (sadly), been chosen as a Dragon Rider (even more sadly), or carried off by flying monkeys (not so sadly). I have been somewhat bogged down with editing for the next Fanged Princess novella, but more of it is due to the busyness that tends to proceed the vacation of a household’s built-in nanny. Yes, you heard that right, I am on vacation, visiting my stupendous grandparents in the Olympic Peninsula, a short ways outside Seattle.


I do intend to be back more while I’m on vacation (it’s incredible to have WiFi without a pilgrimage to the library). I read a very fascinating book called Frost Fire by Olivia Rivers on my flight and you can expect a review of that and some of my backlog reads in the coming weeks! I also hope to do some writing, reading, not to mention proofreading of FP2!


I’ll be posting some Halloween stuff, too. But first, I must actually write it. Okay, enough procrastinating for me, time to get to work!