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Here are some of my favorite songs to get in the mood to write fight scenes. After all, we need music for working on every scene, don’t we? Please feel free to comment with your own “fight tune” suggestions, I can always use more!

My songs know what you did in the dark—Fallout Boy

This is a popular one and with good reason.

Rebel Beat—The Goo Goo Dolls

The rhythm and befittingly rebellious tone of this song make an excellent addition to any fight scene playlist.

The Might of Rome—Hans Zimmer

From the Gladiator soundtrack, this is one of my top favorites, particularly the first half.

Seven Devils—Florence + The Machine

Though it may not have a very “up” beat, I think the words have a destructive flavor that make it perfect for writing conflicts.

Hall of Fame—The Script

There is an indomitable spirit to this song that brings to mind moving stars and leveling mountains.

Brave—Sara Bareilles

A good one about finding courage and facing your fears.

Breath of Life—Florence + The Machine

This song played at the end credits of Snow White and the Huntsman and is supposed to be an impression of Queen Ravenna and her internal suffering. I especially like the chorus and think it portrays a hard-fought struggle which makes it my last, but not least, addition to my fight scene playlist.