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Deadly. That is what her time imprisoned by The Commission has made her. Just how deadly, and exactly what was done to her, Cassie doesn’t know but she is terrified of the possibilities. Though they try to hide it, Cassie knows that the people she loves most are also afraid of what she might become. But that may be the least of her problems as she comes face to face with the deserted town she was locked away in, and the destruction the Halflings have wrought upon it. Destruction she must try to stop before even more innocent people are killed and the Halflings escape the town. However, the existence of the Halflings has also caught the attention of someone else, someone powerful and angry; someone determined to destroy her and everyone that she loves.

Book 4 of 5

This is a young adult fictional story that includes some language, violence, and mild sexual situations. Recommended for ages fifteen and up.

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5 out of 5 stars

Oh, the torment…of all this series, the cliffhanger for this one was by far the worst. I am aching to read my ARC of the fifth and final book, but before I can do that, I have ordered myself to be a good little blogger and tell you all about this one. Inferno has much more horror-esque content than the previous books or Ms. Stevens other vampire series (which I am honestly trying not to bring up), but that can be a bad or good thing depending on how you like your vampires.

The plot:

Consistent with the rest of the series, this book was fast, intense, yet broken up with heart-melting moments of romance that make you root for the couple. I truly enjoyed this one though there is one part that I, true to my past practices, more or less skipped.

The characters:

Devon and Cassie are still the focus and I love them to bits, but I’d like to discuss the other characters this time.

Chris came over to Devon’s “side” in the second book, but I truly appreciated his shows of loyalty toward both Devon and Cassie in this one. His brotherly affections truly made me empathize with him and he has become one of my favorite characters.

Julian, who one would have thought beyond redemption in the first two books, has had the misfortune to fall for Cassie, but while he protects her with the same zeal as Devon, he also accepts that Devon is who she belongs with. I really, really liked Julian in this one and I really, really hope he’ll be alright in the next.

As if Devon and Cassie and everyone else didn’t have enough to worry about, the other Elders turn up to make things even more difficult. Their leader, Zane, and his mate, Anastasia, are the epitome of creepy (for lack of a better word), while Devon’s estranged brother, Robert, isn’t any better. Unlikely alliances with the Elders against a common foe leads to devastating consequences that culminate into—that’s right—another cliffhanger!

Quick and concise, this book is a credit to the rest of the series and I am very, very excited to start Phoenix Rising!

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