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I am proof God has a sense of humor. For as long as I can remember, things I mocked as ridiculous, particularly in entertainment, inevitably became my obsessions once I actually tried them.


For years I snubbed the Harry Potter books, certain that the feeble-minded masses who formed cults around J.K. Rowling’s saga must be sad little people indeed. Then about a year ago I gave the first one a shot and I suddenly understood why the series is so dear to so many even long after the end credits of the final movie ended. I now have a full appreciation for the originality, humor, wisdom, and emotion of the series and am now taking home the seventh one from the library!

Other things I have snubbed include cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, social media in general, books, romance novels, The Chronicles of Narnia, vampire stories, The Lord of the Rings, iTunes, the opera, independently-published books—the list goes on. Each of those things that I formerly mocked has since greatly enriched my life in some way or other (social media perhaps a little too greatly) and I am being forced to eat crow pie for all the times I laughed at them.


An inverse example for me is veterinary medicine. Since I was little I thought it would be wonderful to work with animals in a clinic. Then I had the opportunity through 4-H to try it. At first, I had a lot of fun. Then on December 23, 2009 (I remember the exact date, what does that tell you?), I had a fainting episode during a surgery that resulted in an ambulance ride and hospitalization. The traumatic ordeal lasted all of six hours, but to this day I cringe at the sight of needles. After that, between my inconvenient tendency to imagine just how scared, confused, and in pain an animal is and a few cleanliness issues, I was effectively burned out.

So how do I know I will love Twilight? Easy. I have been laughing at it since the first movie came out. I have participated in mocking it and pointing the proverbial derisive finger for far too long and the laws of the universe have thus decreed that I shall adore the whole flipping series once I do try it.


But my conclusion is not based on Murphy’s Law alone. From what I have heard of it, Twilight does sound interesting. Sparkling vampires are actually quite creative if one thinks about it and I am drawn to the idea of a non-self-righteous, non-bad-boy love interest who stipulates that he and his significant other be bound in wedlock prior to consummation. (Yes, shoot me, I am that old fashioned.)

This is not to say that I will stop my ridicule. In fact, that will probably not occur until after I’ve fallen head-over-heels for the books (which I am sure will happen). But I still think it perfectly plausible that Twilight will become one of my obsessions.

But first I have got to finish Harry Potter