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Into the Darkness (The Night Gives Up Its Secrets Trilogy, #2)

The lines are drawn. Sides chosen. The battle for good or evil looms. And caught in the middle of this timeless war, is Jessie Seville and Prince Viktor Brincoveanu. After hundreds of years of darkness, they’ve been reunited once more. Their love has proven strong enough to withstand the Curse of the Lamia, countless years of solitude, and even death. But will they be willing to die for each other?

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4 out of 5 stars

Remember how I said that I went and downloaded this one after reading the first? Well, I actually enjoyed this one more than its predecessor. It wasn’t as spicy and had more of the tenderness between Gabrielle’ and Viktor.

I did get so mad about Jessie’s dad and that dotty old bat of a UT professor who thought they knew everything and were going to fix everything and only succeeded in screwing up everything. They both made my “hit-in-face-with-Encyclopedia-Britannica-if-chance-ever-arises” list. I know they were only trying to do what was best, but they didn’t even think to talk to Jessie about it? They just decided to make a twenty-two-year-old woman’s decisions for her? Not cool.

The ending to this book sucked. I mean, it was well-written, I just hated it. HEA is my best friend and the world is lucky there is another book in this series, or else I would be seriously upset.

I heard that the third and final book in this series comes out this autumn, so that’s another one I will be watching for! Like the first book, I recommend this to fans of New Adult paranormal romance and vampire romance.

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