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For hundreds of years, he’s waited for her to be returned—his one true love. But can Jessie accept the love from a mysterious man called Viktor Brincoveanu who claims to have her best interests at heart?

When Prince Viktor Brincoveanu falls victim to the curse he is forced to send his beloved bride Gabrielle’ away forever to save her eternal soul. When the news comes that Gabrielle’ has taken her own life, her death marks the beginning of his nightmare existence as Lamia. A prince cursed to exist in the dark world of the night, forever hunted and unable to free himself of the heartbreaking memories of the one woman he loved.

For as long as Jessie Seville can remember, she has never quite felt as if she belonged in her life. When she travels to Romania to find her friend she has no idea that her actions have set in motion events that have been waiting a lifetime to unfold.

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3 out of 5 stars

At 118 pages, this is more of a novella than a full-length book, but that’s just fine with me! This series is listed as a YA paranormal romance trilogy and I agree with everything except the YA part. I think it was more of a New Adult book. There is one sex scene in it that I, of course, skipped over, but seemed to be dragged out.

This is a tragic, tender, heartfelt love story and it really did draw me in. I enjoyed it immensely, I just thought that the love life of the two main characters, Gabrielle’/Jessie and Viktor Brincoveanu, had too much page time. Yes, it’s a romance, but I like to see more of the emotional bonding between a couple than the physical.

There clearly was a very deep and profound love between them, I just…well, I’m sure you all know by now that I prefer the PG and PG-13 romance to the R and there was a bit of the R in here.

One thing I found interesting was this “Curse.” Ms. Eason came up with creatures she called “Lamia,” which I would describe as vampire-werewolf hybrids. The Curse is spread by bites and blood, the Cursed thirst for blood, but can also shift into the form of black wolves. They are weakened by sunlight, but not generally incapacitated by it, and the only way to kill them is a stake to the heart and burning of the body.

Because I am a total nerd, I know that the word “lamia” is Latin for “vampire.” I just had to mention that because I feel smart knowing it. Anyway…

I had some issues with this book, yes, but it’s stuck with me. There was something highly compelling and unforgettable about the storyline and I am very much enthralled with the series. After finishing this, I went and downloaded the next one, which I do not do very often.

I recommend this book to fans of New Adult paranormal romance and vampire romance.

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