Check out this awesome cover for Eli Hinze’s upcoming novel! (It’s on my cannot-wait-for-list!)

Eli Hinze

I’m thrilled to finally be releasing the cover and blurb for my novel Collapsed Cathedrals, the second installment in the No Angels trilogy. I hope you all are as excited as I am. Enjoy!


Six months after her otherworldly experience beneath the sands of Egypt, Liz Patrona is just getting by in the normal world, seemingly abandoned by those she called friends. Without warning they come beating at her door, calling her to immediate action. Her adversary Jakeus has traveled to the mountains of an uncharted European land, back to a delicate point in time. Therein lies Rosamund, a thriving Guard civilization where Liz’s people are very much alive. Not only do Guards and Epilektoi abound, but the malevolent Loki as well, biding their time as they plan a foul revenge. At the top of their hierarchy stands Jakeus. Liz takes on Rosamund’s protection as her personal duty, enduring…

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