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The Triplex (Guardians, #4)

Love, torture, betrayal
And a twist that will change EVERYTHING!

The Guardians discover where the Triplex is located. Unfortunately, In order to retrieve it, a terrible sacrifice has to be made. Can Marcus summon up the courage required to save humanity? Will Marcus and Emmy’s love survive the brutal reality of the Angel world?

Blurb and cover from Goodreads

5 out of 5 stars

WARNING: Contains unavoidable spoilers for the earlier books in the series.

Okay, this whole series is awesome. There’s just the problem that I read all the books back-to-back (they were that awesome) and it got hard to remember where one book stopped and another began. Still, I remember what happened at the end of The Turn and it was another titanic cliffhanger!

In this book, Emmy has accepted that she must die for the Triplex to be retrieved, but Marcus has not. He spends every moment reading everything from angel fairytales to history books attempting to find a way to remove the di without killing her. I really, really got ticked off at Amaena and everyone else for not being more supportive of his efforts to save her. When they find a way that they might be able to save her, Marcus jumps at it and drags the rest of the team with him.

And I now hate Julian’s guts. I hated him before, but I hate his guts now, too. It would also be nice to hit Marcus with a really heavy book. I wanted to scream at him that what he was doing at the end was wrong and he should respect Emmy enough to let her have a say in her own path instead of choosing it for her. The whole “it’s for her own good” mantra is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, no matter what character or person it’s talking about. (“For the greater good” is another one that rankles me. UGH!!! Sickening. When people say that, it always ends badly.)

Nonetheless, I ADORED this book! But it ended in another flipping cliffhanger and now I need the next book. I need the next book YESTERDAY.

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