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The Fallout (Guardians, #2)

Just because she has wings,
doesn’t mean she’s an Angel…

It’s front page news on every Angel gossip rag:
“Marcus & Ameana: Gone The Way Of “Brad & Jennifer.”
So, Who Is The “Angelina?” Emmy Baxter—a mere mortal!”

Ameana tries to avoid her ex and his new love by focusing
on the other evil out to destroy the team. But soon her pain
turns to fury.

And before the end…a girl plots revenge, a leader is on the edge
and an Angel falls.

Blurb and cover from Goodreads

5 out of 5 stars

I was not expecting to love this book as much as I did. I could get SO mad at Amaena, yet I did sympathized with her on occasion. We find out about her Core, that is, how she died, and learn things about her that make her more relatable.

Still, the truth is that I wanted to slap her silly for most of the story. I thought she was being a selfish little wench, keeping Marcus and Emmy apart. Does she realize that a person who does something to cause someone else pain because it gives them pleasure is the definition of “sadist”? Then there was the whole BS about her spending six days in a motel room making out with the leader of the demons she was supposed to be fighting whilst mentally criticizing Marcus for not putting the mission first. Hello? Is the term “hypocrite” in your vocabulary?

I must admit, I wanted Amaena to die. It’s mean, I know, I just had a hard time feeling sorry for her when she was being so vicious. Even when Emmy was dying, Amaena wouldn’t give Marcus his Ra back so that he could kiss her goodbye because she “wanted to keep that for herself.” Not nice and not what you do for someone you really love more than yourself.

Yet there were parts of this book that were told from Emmy’s perspective and those were my favorite and I think they made up for the rest. I did enjoy this book, despite the passionately outraged commentary earlier and I immediately went and snapped up the next one.

All in all, a pretty good read!

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