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Beginnings: Prequel to The Guardians of Vesturon

You met the Guardians of Vesturon in Survival and Resurrection. Now read about how their parents, Rowan and Annalise met in Beginnings, the novella Prequel to The Guardians of Vesturon. Learn more about Rowan and how Annalise unwittingly captured his heart and how his chance meeting of her took him on a journey of forbidden love.

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5 out of 5 stars

After winning the rest of this series in a blog tour giveaway, I let them all sit on my Kindle app, alone and practically forgotten, for months. Then I finally went to pick this one up and oh, mama! I’m a disciple of this author! This is a novella, so there isn’t a whole lot I can say about it without being spoiler-ific, but don’t worry, I’ll still gush.

This is the story of Rowan and Annalise, the parents of the male love interests in The Guardians of Vesturon books. It starts out with young Rowan—future ruler of the planet—noticing a pretty young girl of the servant caste working in the cafeteria. In spite of knowing what a bad idea it is, he asks her permission to meet her in private. Things get out of control from there and the two find themselves deeply in love with plenty of powerful people who forbid their unification.

This story holds a few similarities to Romeo and Juliet, except that it ends much better and is far more believable. Oh, and it’s FREE! So go download it, read it, and I dare you not to read the rest of the series!

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