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The Bone Knife

Rae knows how to look out for family. Born with a deformed foot, she feigns indifference to the pity and insults that come her way. Wary of all things beautiful, Rae instantly distrusts their latest visitor: an appallingly attractive faerie. Further, his presence imperils the secret her sister guards. But when the local townspeople show up demanding his blood, Rae must find a way to protect both her sister’s secret and their guest. Even if that means risking herself.

Blurb and cover from Goodreads

Read from November 09 to 10, 2012

In case you didn’t know, I bloody ADORE Ms. Khanani’s other book, THORN (the Grimm tale of THE GOOSE GIRL with a middle-eastern influence and a swoon-worthy prince). THE BONE KNIFE introduces Rae, the heroine of the companion trilogy to THORN.

Since it is a short story, I can say a whole lot without being spoiler-ific, but I will say that Rae was a very compelling and sympathetic character and I particularly liked the way the relationship between her and her sisters was portrayed.

I will be watching for that trilogy! =D

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