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So for this week’s Fanged Mania post, I am reviewing the second book in Erica Stevens’ THE CAPTIVE series. Oh, and the next book in this series comes out next month!

Renegade (The Captive, #2)

Like I said, after reading the first book, CAPTURED, I went and immediately snatched up this one. While I did like CAPTURED better, I am still enamored with this series and will continue to stalk the author for news of future releases.

RENEGADE picks up about two months after CAPTURED ends. In that time, Arianna hasn’t been able to get over Braith, even though he deceived her about being engaged. Meanwhile, Braith considers himself to have been betrayed by Arianna and his heartbreak drives him into a vicious madness as he waits for the human girl to be recaptured and made to pay for what she did to him.

After two months of waiting for his brother, Caleb, to obtain Arianna, Braith decides to hunt her down himself. Since Braith let her drink his blood, the two of them are connected and finding her is easy.

But once he finds her, Braith can’t bring himself to drink her veins dry as he had planned. And Arianna falls for the vampire prince all over again. But between Braith’s ruthless father and brother who are determined to crush the rebels; and Arianna’s family who are certain Braith hurt her while she was his blood slave, they may be forced apart just when they’ve found their way back together.

I LOVED this book about 70% through. Up until the end when the stuff about bloodlinks came up and that was a personal, picky thing. Aside from the stuff about bloodlinks, this story fully met the sky-high standard set by the first. I’m now eagerly awaiting the Christmastime release of the third book. ERICA STEVENS, YOU ROCK!!!

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