I am VERY excited to host my first-ever author interview! The lovely Kay Rogal stopped by my blog to answer some questions about her book, Sweet Revenge, and some about herself! Check out her answers to my sometimes weird questions and don’t forget to check out  Sweet Revenge! (Click the cover to go to Amazon and here to go to Goodreads. =)
Sweet Revenge
First off, can you sum up your book, Sweet Revenge, in a tweet, 140 characters or less? (I’m mean, I know! =)
When the sons and daughters of white slaver unite with task force agents to take down their father, all hell breaks loose in love and war.
Where did you get the idea for Sweet Revenge? What story/experience/event do you think inspired you the most?
I was getting a massage at the time and thought this would make a perfect, undetected place for the white slavers to choose and display their ‘merchandise’ – so to speak.
What is your favorite thing about Selena and Drake, your main characters?
Bantering, giving as good as they get in all areas of life and love.
Least favorite?
That’s a good question…Drake?  Not taking charge fast enough of the situation and sensing the untold story under his nose, because love overrides all the senses of his training.  Serena?  Not letting people in her heart when she has so many willing to help her – asking for help now and then is okay.
In the event Selena and Drake escaped from their book, do you think that you and they would be BFFs, mortal enemies, or frenemies?
Oooh…I like this question.  Frenemies.  Why?  Because men and women are like water and oil in their thinking and reactions.  Serena and I would instigate a ‘strike’ if the situation warrants it and Drake would not appreciate it.
If you could trade places with Selena, would you? Why?
I think it would be fun to matchmake and see their reactions. In the aftermath of a lover turned traitor in her earlier career or learn of a sister killed and a nephew in danger would probably not have turned out so well if we had changed places.
So far, what is your favorite part of being a published writer?
Research, thinking of the next story, making it to that long-term goal of being published and connecting with readers and other authors.
And now a few questions just for fun…
Your weapon of choice in the zombie apocalypse?
Chemical fire flame thrower.
You have three wishes and five seconds to choose. Go!
I wish to have the ability to teleport and have the instruction manual that goes with it…I wish I would receive a massage every night to relax me…I wish no one would ever have to lose the ones they love…
King Arthur or Lancelot? 
Can we have a Knight and King Bachelorette Series to see who would woo me?

What’s a question you’ve always wanted to be asked in an interview? What’s your answer? 

I’m not sure…I’m more of a behind the scenes writer and love to love to advocate for others

Great answers, Kay! What do you guys think?

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